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NWA 7320


Météorite martienne NWA 7320 de la fameuse collection Classen. La NWA 7320 est livrée accompagnée par un certificat d'authenticité mais aussi par le livre (format beau livre photos) à tirage limité comprenant des photos en HD des 92 météorites martiennes composant la collection Classen.


Martian Meteorite published in the Meteoritical Bulletin of the Meteoritical Society under the name of NWA 7320, found in 2011 in the Sahara desert.

The Martian meteorite 7320 is delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity and the complete catalog of the Classen's collection.

Official Catalogue (as a gift for any purchase of one martian meteorite of the Classen Collection) :

Limited to 80 copies

Hard Cover

10 x 8 1/4 inches 

222 pages

92 original colors photographs

3 pounds

1 Item

Data sheet

Weight in grams :
Martian Meteorite Type:
Shergottite (B)
Analyzed and classified by:
A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS
University or Museum of:
University of Washington
Year found:
Place found:
Maroc, Désert du Sahara
Mass found:
Certificate of Authenticity
Labenne Météorites
Official catalogue